IAOM and K-State University IGP Institute to Hold Introduction to Flour Milling Course ... Jan. 15-18 ... Manhattan, KS

IAOM is joining with Kansas State University's IGP Institute to offer the bi-annual Introduction to Flour Milling course January 15-18, 2018. 

This class is for those interested in gaining an understanding of the principles of the milling process and everything that works together to drive the success of a flour mill.   

Course topics will include an overview of the US milling industry, wheat production, supply and demand, the general milling process and major milling equipment, principles of mill flow sheets, milling math, flour and dough testing practices, and hands on time in the department milling and baking labs and commercial Hal Ross flour mill. 

Course instructor Shawn Thiele says the course is based on the basic principles of flour milling and targeted toward those in the milling industry, but who are not directly in the mill or who are very new to the mill.

"The course is designed to provide a general understanding of the of the milling process, the relationship between wheat quality and the effect of the milling process, gain knowledge of what wheat types and products each can produce, and learn the role each department plays in the success of the milling industry," Thiele says.

Past milling experience is not required to take the course.

Click here to register and learn more about this course and to register online.  

The second offering of this course will be August 13-17, 2018.