Perten Instruments Introduces Inframatic 9520 NIR Grain and Flour Analyzer

The Inframatic 9520 is the newest member of Perten’s Inframatic family of NIR grain and flour analyzers.

WHAT: The Inframatic 9520 instrument is a near-infrared (NIR) based analyzer for routine analysis of flour, semolina, and other flour milling by-products.

Customers can measure ash, moisture and protein in 30 seconds with little or no sample prep required.

HOW IT WORKS: The Inframatic 9520 instrument uses NIR technology to measure constituents in wheat based products including flour and semolina.  

It uses a scanning monochromator optics bench as its basis for data collection.

The interface is Perten’s user-developed Results Plus software and is designed for non-technical operators. 

Users can simply pour the sample into the analysis cup, use the included packing station to pack the cup, place the sample in the instrument, and select analyze. 

Multi-component results are listed on the screen in 30 seconds.

WHY: This new instrument was designed as a dedicated analyzer for flour millers and professional bakers. 

At the mill, the Inframatic 9520 is used to test incoming ground wheat for moisture and protein and to ensure outgoing flour meets customer’s needs. 

This helps optimize milling while reducing returns and claims. 

At the bakery, the Inframatic 9520 analyzer is used to ensure bakers receive the quality that was paid for and to make any necessary adjustments or additions.  

The instrument includes ready-to-use calibrations for wheat flour and semolina.  

Analysis constituents include moisture, protein, ash, color and wet gluten.

MORE: Using Perten’s NetPlus software, the Inframatic 9520 analyzer can be networked. 

NetPlus allows companies to administrate off-site instruments from corporate headquarters or other remote facility, reducing the need for on-site experts. 

It allows administrators to access instruments for calibration updates, biasing, and diagnostics. 

Millers and managers can access 24/7 data, results, and reports – in the office, at home, or on the road - from single or multiple instruments. 

These comparisons can be used to monitor mill performance, manage flour shipments to best meet customer requirements, reduce transportation costs, and optimize flour use.

For additional information on Perten’s Inframatic 9520 analyzer, please click here. 

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