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Hovis (UK) Must Use Percentage of Imported Wheat Due to Poor Domestic Production

Date Posted: January 11, 2013

Premier Foods remains totally committed to British wheat.

The Company pioneered the use of high quality British Red wheat for use in Hovis and it has already committed to British farmers to secure as much high quality British wheat as possible for 2013.

With the 2012 UK wheat harvest being the worst for more than 35 years, the Company is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the high quality Bread standards that it requires.

Therefore, it has been put in a challenging position and has had no option other than to use a percentage of imported wheat from the EU.

Premier Foods will be introducing this across the Hovis range by the end of January with the exception of the Farmers Loaf range where it will be retaining our flour milled from 100% British wheat position.

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