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Inovair Introduces Vertical Blower Stand for 2200 Turbo Blower Package

Date Posted: March 15, 2012

Iηovair is now offering a vertical blower stand for the Drop in Replacement (DIR) version of our 2200 Turbo Blower package.

This new product incorporates the new, second generation DIR with a frame (and electric motor) mounted directly below the blower.

This package solution mimics the footprint of our Complete Blower System (CBS), but at a lower price point. This new DIR is also available for placement onto a horizontal stand, allowing reuse of your existing blower stand and electric motor.

The Iηovair 2200 Turbo Blower package is a highly efficient centrifugal blower designed to excel with your most difficult blower applications.

Our exclusive internally designed aerodynamic impellers deliver flows from 400 to 2000 CFM along with pressures of 5-22psi.

These patent pending, modern integrally geared blower systems feature energy savings of 10-35% relative to PD blowers, 20-40 degree discharge temperature reductions, and compact footprints.

Exclusive features include electronic airflow controls engineered specifically for pneumatic conveying as well as the highest efficiency and lowest power consumption in the industry.

These rugged and innovative units not only offer significant operating cost savings, but are a much more economical upfront investment than competing centrifugal blowers.

Iηovair is a division of Accessible Technologies, Inc, which has been producing industry leading turbomachinery for over 18 years.

For more information, call 855-466-8247.

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