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International Grains Program/Buhler Expert Milling Course ... English, March 18-22 ... Spanish, April 15-19 ... Manhattan, KS

Date Posted: February 19, 2013

Manhattan, KS—The International Grains Program, in conjunction with Buhler Inc., will host its Expert Milling course in English March 18-22, 2013 and in Spanish April 15-19, 2013.

The course will be held at the IGP Conference Center and will give participants a more theoretical and practical milling understanding. Production managers, head millers and shift managers are encouraged to attend.

The English course will be instructed by Tobias Nänny, manager of the Buhler Training Center in Uzwil, Switzerland, and John Steinfort, Buhler adjunct instructor.

The Spanish course will be instructed by Ralph Linnemann, flour milling expert from the Buhler training center in Uzwil, Switzerland.

The course content will include wheat tempering, cleaning systems, break release, purifier techniques and more.

The course will have a combination of in class presentations and practical milling exercises in the Hal Ross Flour Mill.

“This course is focused on experienced millers and the main objective is to teach more advanced milling techniques and broaden the knowledge of the different equipment that they may not be familiar with,” says John Steinfort, Buhler adjunct instructor.

A 2012 English course participant says the course helped him improve his understanding. A 20-year milling industry veteran, Scott Roberts, Cereal Food Processors in Utah, appreciated what the course had to offer and strengthened his milling knowledge.

“The course provided good technical information and application of equipment in mill flow design.

"It also provided techniques to teach the concepts and apply the information within our company,” he says.

For more information about this course visit the IGP website at To register for the course visit the International Association of Operative Miller’s website at

This is just one example of the many partnership trainings offered through IGP.

In addition to flour milling and grain processing, IGP offers trainings in areas of grain marketing and risk management, and feed manufacturing and grain management.

For more information, call 785-532-5932.

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