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You have a number of years of experience working in a flour mill and are looking to be promoted, but you don’t have the formal studies in your background to do so. 

Or, you supervise some dedicated employees who have shown a commitment to your company that you would like to promote to greater responsibilities, but, again, they lack the greater knowledge college academic studies would provide. 

IAOM and Cowley College can provide that knowledge and training through its one-year Milling Technician program without interruption to a regular work schedule.

In order for this cohort to begin in January, 2018, a minimum of 6 students must enroll. 

Should the minimum enrollment not be attained, the next start will be in August, 2018).

Taught by veteran milling experts, the milling courses are paired with Cowley’s mechatronics courses to provide a comprehensive study of the wheat flour milling environment. 

All courses are delivered through an online learning management system, meaning a student never has to be on campus. 

When online courses are completed, a 250 hour internship in a flour mill provides an opportunity for skills mastery application and demonstration

Interactive and Hands-on Studies

What does a typical online milling course look like? 

Each course is divided into weekly modules where you’ll view a recorded lecture and supplemental videos for every module, complete required readings in the Fundamentals of Flour Milling textbook, and participate in discussions with fellow students with feedback and guidance from your instructor. 

And, each module includes a hands-on lab experience that simulates a particular task in the mill, all tied to the concepts being learned that week. 

You’ll receive feedback and guidance from an instructor who brings career-long expertise and perspective of the industry.

Do you know of a high school graduate looking to enter the milling industry as a technician? Here’s the perfect starting plan for them. Share information about this program of studies with them.

Spring semester classes begin January 18, 2018! 

Contact Cowley College to enroll in the Milling Technician Certificate Program immediately! 

Visit for complete information.

Cowley College and IAOM have partnered to develop this program to train technicians working in flour mills. 

This innovative approach is designed to help meet industry demand and connects students to career opportunities after completing just two semesters and an internship. 

All courses earn college credits and are delivered in an online format. You do not need to be on campus to take these courses!

Program Overview

This unique certificate program prepares candidates to work in flour mills as an associate employed in a variety of positions in a modern mill. 

Studies will include basic math needed for the mill environment, as well as an overview of equipment, electronics and electricity, and pneumatic fundamentals. 

Students will be introduced to the milling process, wheat characteristics, the industry, and the various requirements of the gradual reduction process in making wheat flour. 

Quality assessments will be an integral part of studies. 

At the conclusion of the courses, candidates will complete an internship at a commercial flour mill.

Courses Include:

MEC3400 - Introduction to Mechatronics

INR3716 - Technical Mathematics

MLL3590 - Introduction to Milling and Wheat

MLL3591 - Introduction to Wheat Cleaning and Tempering

MEC3484 - Industrial Electricity

MLL3592 - Wheat Flour Milling I

MEC3482 - Electromechanical Devices

MLL3593 - Wheat Flour Milling II

MEC3491 - Pneumatics

MLL3594 - Sanitation and Mill Process Control

MLL3595 - Quality Assessment and Flour Additives

MLL3596 - Flour Milling Internship

Full course descriptions and enrollment information can be found at:

Contact the IAOM office for more details.

Remember: 6 students must enroll in order for this cohort to start January, 2018!


Contact: Bev Frank or Daniel Higdon at or (620) 441-5279