Bay State Milling Company Collaborates With Perten Instruments

Quincy, MA - April 6, 2018 - Bay State Milling Company announces their participation in an industry-changing advancement of the doughLAB in collaboration with its manufacturer, Perten Instruments

The doughLAB is used to determine rheological, or dough-making characteristics of flour. The development was outlined at the recent AACCI Milling and Baking Spring Technical Conference.

Utilizing this innovation across a fleet of instruments that report rheology similarly allows for greater consistency in the resultant flour across milling units. 

To enable this technology, Perten has established a set of three dedicated doughLab instruments at their U.S. headquarters. 

This set of instruments, known as the Hive, are torque-aligned to the consensus results of five industry-leading 3rd party reference laboratories to detect and report drift in calibration. 

Operators of the doughLAB will see the calibrated results generated in real time.

Beginning in 2016, the collaborative project entered the discovery phase and progressed to successful results through mathematical evaluations conducted over an 18-month period.  

All results will be verified through completion of regular alignment checks between the 3rd party reference laboratories and the Hive and between the Hive and the satellite instruments at milling locations.

“I’m delighted to have collaborated with Perten on this project. The Hive innovation enables us to be more effective at delivering flour consistency to our customers,” states Jennifer Robinson, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Bay State Milling. 

Robinson, along with a team of Bay State Milling technical associates joined forces with Perten Instruments to pioneer the change.

The technology and chemometrics applied will be the subject of forthcoming peer-reviewed scientific articles that will be submitted to Cereal Chemistry and Cereal Foods World.

For more information, please contact Donna Reiser at 617-328-4400 or