Insects Limited Introduces New Remote Pheromone Monitoring

Insect monitoring just got easier.

SightTrap™ from Insects Limited, uses a 5-mega pixel color camera along with our multi-species pheromone lures to attract over 20 species of stored product insects.

The new SightTrap™ is a remote pheromone monitoring device that will automatically record daily images of pheromone traps while identifying pest insects through our world-class custom software called ForesightIPM™.

This custom software will access real time information on your computer and smart phone.

It will exceed expectations with customer friendly trending reports.

This means reducing customer complaints in less drive time and with fewer steps anywhere in the world.

This easy to use remote pheromone trapping program comes with personalized training.


Insects Limited has been an innovator in pest management since 1982.

For more information, visit or call 1.800.992.1991.