Lorenz Conveying Products Enters Partnership With Golden Eagle Technologies, LLC

Lorenz Conveying Products is happy to announce our recent partnership with Golden Eagle Technologies, LLC.

Golden Eagle Technologies specializes in Dry Bulk Material Handling, Air Pollution Control Equipment, CEMS Instrumentation and Ducting Design / Supply.

They will represent Lorenz in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Currently, Lorenz has 18 U.S.A Representatives that cover 41 U.S. states and service a variety of industries including – Chemical, Grain Milling, Food, Pet Food and Minerals.

Our dedicated team, industry leading quality control process and two week delivery time have made Lorenz the leader in Pneumatic Conveying Products and Accessories since 1979.

Lorenz looks forward to working closely with Golden Eagle Technologies as we continue our growth within the Dry Bulk Material Handling sector.

TIME IS CRITICAL! Your next conveying project deserves #lorenzquality. We are the conveying products people!

For more information, please contact Monique Gatien at 1-800-263-7782 or mgatien@lorenz.ca