Mennel Milling Appoints Steve Adams as Director of Operations

Over the last several months, Steve Adams, Director of Operations for Mennel's Milling Division, has proven to be a welcome addition to our growing team. In his role, Steve is responsible for the operational oversight of the company’s legacy flour milling business.

With a primary focus of providing global management of Mennel’s six milling facilities as well as ongoing training for more than 150 mill employees, Steve will lead the mill team through shifting trends and facilitate the implementation of innovative efforts to achieve continued excellence in the milling industry.

“One of the keys to Mennel’s more than 130-year old success, is our commitment of bringing new talent into our organization that truly fits who we are,” said David Marty, Vice President of Operations, The Mennel Milling Company.

“We are thrilled to formally welcome Steve to the team. His level of experience and industry knowledge will undoubtedly serve us well in our continual drive for operational excellence.”

After more than 20 years in the milling industry, Steve recognizes the importance of safety, health and environmental responsibility.

His experience in all aspects of milling production further demonstrates a commitment to superior product quality and top-notch technical service as it relates to our systems, functions, assets and most importantly our people.

“I’ve always had the utmost respect for Mennel Milling.

"The company’s reputation in the milling industry, focus on diversification, forward thinking, and family culture has made for a great experience to date,” said Steve Adams, Director of Milling Operations, The Mennel Milling Company, when reflecting on his first month.

“Having the opportunity to share what I have learned throughout my milling career with many dedicated team members has been very rewarding. Conversely, learning from others has been equally as, if not more, rewarding.”

Steve and his wife of 30 years, Brenda, recently relocated to the Fostoria area from Virginia.

Together they have three grown children – Blake, Blair and Jacob.