New Ready-to-Use All Beetle Trap From Insects Limited

Westfield, IN (March 27, 2020) - The All Beetle Ready-To-Use trapping system from Insects Limited, Inc. has an improved design for easy deployment.

The no-mess system comes with a pre-loaded pheromone cartridge that simply snaps into the base of the trap for a one-step install. Once the cartridge is in place, it is ready to be placed against the wall on a floor or shelf and it will immediately begin monitoring for pest beetles.

  • Ready-to-use improved design
  • No mess deployment
  • Clear top for easy viewing window
  • Scientifically backed formula
  • Low profile
  • Captures a variety of crawling insects

The combination of food attractant and pheromone gel that is in the cartridge contains the pheromone for flour beetles, cigarette beetles, warehouse beetles, rice weevils as well as a food-based attractant for saw-toothed grain beetle and up to 20 other species of stored food beetles.

President of Insects Limited Pat Kelley says, “Creating a trapping system that is easier for our customers to use without sacrificing any of the science that went into the original trap design fits right into one of the core values of Insects Limited; to provide the 'absolute best products available worldwide.'"