IAOM Embraces Virtual Platforms for 2020 Meetings

Lenexa, KS – IAOM’s District and Region meetings are moving forward in 2020, and this year they will be held everywhere – in every mill, city and country.

To ensure the safety of attendees, speakers, exhibitors and staff, IAOM members won’t physically gather in large groups this year. Instead, the annual gatherings will be moving to virtual event platforms.

The first virtual event will be held from September 15-17 and will be designed to replace the multiple North American district meetings that have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

IAOM’s Program Committee is working to identify potential speakers and topics, many of which were being considered for the district meetings.

“While it’s not anyone’s first option, we really do think that the fact the meetings will be available virtually could make it easier for more of our members and those involved in milling to attend a meeting,” stated IAOM President David Jansen, Siemer Milling Company.

“There are a lot of great technology solutions that make it possible to hold a meeting with ample networking opportunities, relevant educational programming and a virtual trade show. The format that we’re used to is changing, but the opportunities to interact and engage with one another will still be available.”

The second virtual event will be the Southeast Asia (SEA) Region Conference & Expo, which is scheduled for October 6-8 – Malaysia time, since it had originally been planned to take place in Penang, Malaysia over those dates.

The SEA Leadership Council members will be reviewing applications and identifying speakers for their three-day event.

The platform being used will allow exhibitors unique opportunities to interact virtually with meeting attendees online.

The IAOM Education Committee is also exploring the possibility of offering the Mill Maintenance course virtually in October.

The IAOM Mideast & Africa Region Conference & Expo will hold its regional forum online from October 20-23.

Details are still being finalized for each of the events and the IAOM website will be updated once program and registration information is available.

Since the events are all virtual, anyone in any part of the world will be able to register and take part in them.

And, since the presentations will be recorded, registered attendees will have access to the event to watch presentations, after the event has officially ended.

Stay tuned for more information at www.iaom.info/events