IAOM Product Showcase: Insects Limited Insect Trap System

Insects Limited • Westfield, IN • 317-896-9300 • www.insectslimited.com/sighttrap

Founded in 1982, Insects Limited researches, tests, develops, manufactures, and distributes pheromones and insect trapping systems free of toxic chemicals.

According to Vice President Tom Mueller, “SightTrap™, powered by ForesightIPM™, takes a daily image of your pheromone monitoring device and sends it to ForesightIPM, where we count and identify the insects present. Customers can view data reports using their smartphone, mobile device, or computer, and they can receive accurate counts and daily trends.”

High-Quality Welds

“SightTrap saves time by eliminating labor-intensive visual trap inspection and manually counting insects in each trap,” says Mueller. “The system provides automatic monitoring and at-a-glance analysis and trends to help eliminate problems before they develop.”


  • Each kit contains a SightTrap camera, five-year lithium battery, five glueboards, and five pheromone lures.
  • Eliminates the need for labor- and time-intensive visual trap inspection and manually counting insects in those traps.
  • State-of-the-art software is geared for structural pest management and allows users to view the traps with the most activity.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

Reprinted from Milling Journal 3Q 2020 Issue