IAOM Product Showcase: Buhler Group Milling System

Bühler Group • Plymouth, MN • 763-847-9999 • www.buhlergroup.com

In 2017, Bühler introduced the AlPesa™, a complete and compact milling system for whole wheat atta flour and flour from sorghum.

“AlPesa has a compact design and a capacity of up to 18 tons per day. It features easy installation and fast start up due to tested and pre-assembled modules,” says Key Account Manager in Milling Karl Ledergerber. “It can be operated as a standalone unit or integrated into an existing mill.”

Energy Efficient

“High-compression AlPesa is among the most energy efficient milling solutions for wheat and sorghum,” says Lederberger. “The steel rollers are designed to last for one year of production, and fast installation and commissioning enables production to ramp up within two weeks.”


  • Offers flexibility in producing different qualities of flour from wheat and sorghum.
  • Grinding gap adjustment enables optimum flour property control.
  • Using steel rollers instead of chakki stones eliminates contamination by stone abrasion and chemicals.
  • The system is highly reliable and easy to operate using an integrated touchscreen, and no maintenance is necessary beyond regular greasing.

Reprinted from Milling Journal 3Q 2020 Issue