IAOM Product Showcase: Bratney Companies Wheat Scrubber

Bratney Companies • Des Moines, IA • 844-272-8639 • www.bratney.com

Bratney Companies and Omas Industries recently introduced their Dante wheat scrubbing technology, which is designed to decrease microbial counts, toxin levels, chemical residue, tempering time, and wheat ash, while improving overall milling efficiency.

According to Dillon Phillips, milling sales, “Dry wheat scrubbing gently removes small amounts of the pericarp, using abrasion to eliminate surface impurities and enable the kernel to absorb water more efficiently. Eight abrasive discs move in one direction but can be reversed to extend the life of the discs.”

Easy Maintenance

“The mechanical features of this system include a 6.6-inch product inlet, an inverted distribution cone, two adjustable air inlets, a 10-hp fan, and an external grease point for easy maintenance,” adds Phillips.


  • 50-hp drive motor can process 8 tons per hour. 75-hp drive motor can process 15 tons per hour.
  • Machine controls provide information on consumption trend data, settings, amp consumption, machine status, and more.
  • System allows precise control of the amount of bran and pericarp removed, resulting in cleaner, more hygienic wheat.
  • Target of 0.5% of pericarp is removed.

Reprinted from Milling Journal 3Q 2020 Issue