NAMA Engaging With New Congressional Lawmakers in 2021

The North American Millers' Association (NAMA) strategic plan is to focus on three main areas for the flour milling industry, which include: food safety, nutrition, and the supply chain.

In an effort to provide an in-depth update on the regulatory efforts of the association, NAMA staff addressed these areas in coordination Tucker Scharfenberg, MILLING JOURNAL Managing Editor.

The start of the 117th Congress on Jan. 3, 2021 brought a host of new faces to Capitol Hill. Within the NAMA member footprint, there are 16 new members of the House and six new senators that NAMA is engaging actively.

As part of this outreach, NAMA has identified and connected with any NAMA milling members with new congressional representation to set up virtual meet and greets with the new representatives and their staffs.

Building these relationships with new members of Congress, while also fostering existing relationships on Capitol Hill, helps ensure NAMA members are well-positioned for any new pieces of legislation that may affect the industry.

To read the full NAMA 2021 Strategic Plan article, click here.

Specifically, NAMA expects to see policies introduced this session regarding infrastructure, climate change, and sustainability.

As such, the NAMA Supply Chain Committee is forming a new sustainability working group to be best prepared on these issues.

The NAMA Sustainability Working Group also will be attuned to any new sustainability policies initiated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which President Biden has chosen former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to lead once again.

Vilsack has stated that in addition to the continued COVID-19 response, his priorities include a focus on rural communities, addressing food shortages, and positioning American agriculture as a leader in climate change mitigation.

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