Why I Believe In IAOM ... Pat Eberle, Grain Craft

Pat Eberle

Plant Manager

Grain Craft

Kansas City, KS

IAOM Member since 1999

“I first learned about IAOM from one of my first managers, Paul Wiest (1996-97 IAOM president), while in Saginaw, TX.

He encouraged me to join IAOM and get involved in networking experiences in the industry.

That is what led to me joining IAOM back in 1999.

“Since becoming a member of IAOM, I have held different positions, including chairperson of the Central district in 2009, as well as director of the Central district in 2019.

“The best things about IAOM, in my belief, are the educational offerings and the networking with colleagues.

Staying on top of an ever-changing technological environment is tough in today’s day and age.

To be able to stay informed of these matters plays a huge role in being able to actively solve the problems that come with it.

Through attending the local meetings and the national conferences, I feel that I have helped develop my skills and created and maintained relationships that will help build a prosperous future.

“I thoroughly enjoy the contacts and friends I have made in the association over the years.

I would highly recommend all new people to the industry to get involved and keep up with industry standards and lifelong friendships with colleagues and vendors.”

From Milling Journal First Quarter 2020