Why I Believe In IAOM ... Regan Doyle, King Milling Company

Regan Doyle

Assistant Vice President

King Milling Company

Lowell, MI

IAOM Member Since 2009

“I’ve been a member of IAOM since my sophomore year at Kansas State University (KSU).

It’s played a big role in my success because I’ve been able to network and talk to executives at IAOM events.

Going to the annual meeting in Grand Rapids in 2009 kick-started the idea that it’s not enough to just be a member; I needed to pursue leadership roles.

“I started being active and went from my local district to chairman and director of the Wolverine district by pursuing leadership roles, and this has been beneficial to my career.

IAOM events provide opportunities to network with people who are at a similar stage of their careers, as well as those who are further advanced in their careers.

Developing relationships with the latter helps me learn some of the things they’ve done to further their careers.

“It’s been helpful to share ideas with other attendees at the district level, up to the annual meeting.

People are willing to share ideas, particularly around safety, food safety, and best practices, so we’re all creating safe products and a safe environment for employees.

“IAOM provides education at meetings and other venues, such as correspondence courses and mill maintenance courses for continuing education.

The organization also provides learning for all levels, from the executive or management level to frontline employees. Our entire maintenance crew has attended the mill maintenance courses with very good feedback.”

From Milling Journal Fourth Quarter 2020