Why I Believe In IAOM ... Mark Watts, Shawnee Milling Company

Mark Watts

Head Miller

Shawnee Milling Company

Shawnee OK

IAOM Member Since 1989

“In late 1988, I was encouraged by then head miller of Shawnee Milling Company, Dub Miner, to begin the IAOM Correspondence Course.

After completing the course in 1989, the company provided me with the opportunity to join IAOM, and I have been a member since Dec. 7, 1989.

“I’ve had many experiences participating in IAOM functions and activities as a member and district officer, including district meetings, the International Conference and Expo, joint district meetings, leadership seminars, and now as a Texoma district board member.

The professional contacts made during these meetings have been an invaluable resource for me during my career.

“From discussing best practices for the industry to learning about the latest regulatory issues, the personal contact and interactions during conferences provide the best environment for the exchange of ideas and information.

“I recommend millers join IAOM for the learning opportunities provided during conferences and online offerings.

You meet the best people in the industry.

These are the people who are willing to promote knowledge and support the industry and make IAOM a strong and organization now and continuing into the future.

The contacts and relationships you can develop with other millers and allied trades members are something you cannot put a dollar value on.”

From Milling Journal Fourth Quarter 2020