Why I Believe in IAOM ... Steve Matson, Bay State Milling Co.

Steve Matson

Director of Manufacturing-Milling Operations

Bay State Milling Co.

Minneapolis, MN

IAOM Member Since 1992

“My first introduction to IAOM was when I graduated college and joined the milling industry in 1992.

“I am a member of the education committee and have been for a number of years. I was a director for the Wheat State district for a short time and then transferred up to Minnesota and recently joined the board as a director for the Flour City district.

“For me, being a little bit outside the mainstream flour milling profession, and not being from Kansas State University, my first introduction was really through the correspondence course, and that was something I did in my first year in the industry about 26 years ago. It really acclimated me to my early experiences in shift milling and helped my understanding of the industry a lot.

I’m a mechanical engineer by schooling, so a lot of the flour milling techniques, disciplines, and skills were a little new to me in the beginning.

“The number one benefit of IAOM membership really is the educational opportunities.

“I am a big advocate for IAOM, and as such, I’ve really been a strong supporter. It has been something I believe in, and I’ve gotten a lot out of the association.

That’s why I participate today – to try to give something back to the industry.”

From First Quarter MILLING JOURNAL 2019