Keith Horton, Grain Millers, Inc.

Why I Believe in IAOM ...

Keith Horton

VP of Milling

Grain Millers, Inc. | Eugene, OR

IAOM Member since 1989

“The association was recommended to me by a past co-worker, Volker Dorn.

“I served as chairman-Pacific district in 1996 and 2000 and director-Pacific district from 2000-04.

On the international level, I served as treasurer, 2005-06, vice president, 2006-07, and president, 2007-08.

I am serving now on the Employee Relations Committee.

“I believe the value and benefits of membership are achieved through active participation.

IAOM provides great educational platforms for hearing from industry experts and peers on a vast number of topics that impact our industry and individual companies.

Through participation, we learn about the latest technical advancements in equipment and controls, regulatory, environmental safety and health, food protection, employee relations, pest management, and many other important topics.

“What I like most about IAOM is the willingness of members to share information and experiences with others so that their peers may benefit as well.

If you put 10 IAOM members in a room and each one shares an experience with the group, we’ve shared one thing but get a tenfold return through participation.

This is why I always emphasize active participation rather than simply being a member.

“I also want to mention the relationships one creates through membership.

I feel that I can call any one of my IAOM friends or colleagues and they will be willing to assist with any issue or question I may have.

Over the course of my 30 years as an IAOM member, I have established many friendships, both domestically and internationally, that I value immensely and will cherish long after retirement.

I strongly recommend being an active IAOM member to anyone within our industry who wishes to grow personally and professionally.”

From Third Quarter MILLING JOURNAL 2019