Why I Believe in IAOM ... Steve Curran, General Mills, Inc.

Steve Curran

Plant Manager | General Mills, Inc.

Kansas City, MO

IAOM Member since 1973

“I joined in IAOM as a junior member while a student at Kansas State University.

At that time, all of the faculty were members, heavily involved with the association, and made it very easy to see that IAOM was an organization I should be a part of.

When I graduated in 1974 and started work with General Mills, the company highly recommended that I join.

They were very supportive of participation in IAOM.

“I have served at the local level on executive committees in two districts. Internationally, I have served on the Technical Committee, Education Committee, Board of Directors, and was president of the association from 2006-07.

“IAOM has been a life-long development opportunity for me.

I have been able to hone my skills, proficiency, and expertise through the district and international conferences. It provided an opportunity to develop my leadership skills.

It also has been a major avenue for developing lifelong friendships and professional acquaintances.

“IAOM is a one-stop shop for everything related to flour milling.

I know of no other organization that is so international in scope yet such a tight-knit fellowship all speaking the same flour milling language.

I highly recommend IAOM to anyone just starting in the field or to those who have been in the business for a while but have not yet been involved with a professional organization.”

From Third Quarter MILLING JOURNAL 2019