Insects Limited, Inc. Launches New Website for Quality Pheromones, Trapping Systems

Westfield, IN Insects Limited, Inc., who researches, tests, develops, manufactures, and distributes pheromones and trapping systems for stored product insects, recently announced the launch of a new website with updated product pages and easy online shopping.

The new website features a simplified, user-friendly online store, the ability to identify and sort pests by category, information on stored product insects specific to industry, insect monitoring guidelines, and many more exciting resources.

President of Insects Limited, Pat Kelley said, “Insects Limited has always prided herself to be on the forefront in innovation and education.

With our newly developed website, we feel that we are continuing to find the best ways to relay pest information and pheromone technology to our valued customers.”

Insects Limited, Inc. is an insect pheromone company based on science, education, and innovation to solve your pest problem.