AgriPro and WestBred Apply Advanced Research in Wheat Breeding Programs

Recently U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) has shared a lot of information about U.S. wheat researchers and breeders’ tireless efforts to meet the highest standards for our customers’ end-use quality needs and to help farm families thrive.

So far, we have described the important work of public wheat breeding programs at U.S. land grant universities and the support they get from farmers through state wheat checkoffs.

Yet, many for-profit companies are doing excellent wheat variety development work and often collaborate with public breeding programs.

USW does not endorse any public or private seed brands.

To present a complete picture of the breeding industry, we invited several commercial seed companies to send us stories for our “Wheat Letter” blog about their efforts to increase wheat yield potential while also improving functional milling and baking quality.

This post shares information from two of those companies, AgriPro® and WestBred®.

Future posts will cover other commercial breeding programs.

For the full story, click here.

This article comes from the U.S. Wheat Associates' April 1, 2021 Wheat Letter.

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