Oklahoma Wheat Report (June 23): Harvest Moving Ahead Despite Showers, Is 65% Complete

Editor's Note: This is the June 23 Oklahoma Wheat Harvest Report, brought to you by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission.

Oklahoma wheat harvest continues across the state in all regions.

Rain showers early Monday (June 21) morning hindered harvest progress on Monday and Tuesday in several parts of Northern Oklahoma, while other regions had lighter amounts and were able to get back into the fields Tuesday (June 22).

Producers in areas of Northern Oklahoma were just getting back to the fields Wednesday (June 23) afternoon up by Kremlin and in other parts of Grant County.

Producers are just starting with cuttings of irrigated wheat in the Panhandle regions, but no reports had been made.

Early cuttings on the crop taken after the rains this week were not showing any signs of major test weight loss or yield loss.

Overall crop quality continues to be favorable with test weight and yield reports.

Statewide test weight averages are extremely favorable with most reporting 60 lbs./bu. and above.

A few lighter test weights have been reported in the Blackwell, Braman region on the I-35 corridor and on some of the dry-land wheat in the Panhandle.

In the Panhandle, the lighter test weights have been due to crop stress with drought depending on location.

Lighter test weights in these regions reported as low as 56 lbs./bu. although those instances are far and few between.

Yields, in most all regions, have been favorable ranging from the mid 30’s to mid 60’s depending on variety, location, and management plans.

Some producers with intensive management programs are reporting yields in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s in parts of Northern Oklahoma.

Protein reports across the state are varying, with wide ranges in Southwest Oklahoma.

For the most part, we are hearing regional averages of 11.0% to 11.4%; although some lower numbers have been reported in Tillman County to be in the 10% range.

In Central Oklahoma we are seeing slightly lower proteins in the 10.5% to 11.1% range.

Early reports on protein in Northern Oklahoma are ranging across the board, with higher numbers being reported in the Northwestern corridor where we had less rain from the Helena, Ringwood, Cherokee and Alva regions earlier in the year.

Averages along this corridor coming in at 11.1% to 11.2%.

East of Enid and North we are seeing protein numbers vary across the board from 10.1% to 11.8%.

Some numbers as high as 14% being reported in Grant County, based on variety and producer management.

Some elevators in the Panhandle reporting dryland wheat proteins to be as high as 17%.

Currently we are calling the statewide average in Oklahoma for protein at 11.1%, with harvest is estimated at 65% complete.

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