Swiss Tech Start-Up swisca ag Wins IAOM Best of Show Award

Swisca Left To Right Franz Signer, fulfillment; Ruedi Weiss, CEO Swisca North America; Andreas Kleiner, research and development. Photo credit: swisca ag

Little Rock, AR — Swiss milling and technology start-up swisca ag won the prestigious Best of Show Award at the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) 125th anniversary Conference and Expo in Little Rock, AR, Aug. 29-Sept. 2.

With a world first and enormous energy efficiency, the industry newcomer from Appenzell, Switzerland, succeeded in impressing a jury of experts at the conference.

The jury was especially drawn to the unique "Dampe" dampening system.

This system uses nozzles to spray the grain with fog of water at the very beginning of the processing chain in the mill. This enables higher efficiency in flour production later on.

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At the same time, the innovation scores with an energy efficiency that is unrivalled in the market and a high level of food safety.

An important production process in a flour mill is moistening to ensure uniform grinding and high yield. The grain is thus prepared for an optimal milling condition.

By adding water to the grain and tempering it in the silos, the bran layers become tough and elastic and the endosperm inside the grain is softened.

This is the optimal condition for separating the hull and the endosperm as efficiently as possible during milling.

With swisca's invention, the moisture and density can already be measured precisely during weighing, and the addition of water can be calculated exactly.

A completely new process with minimal energy requirements applies the moisture to the surface of the grains with a fog of water.

The innovative machine, which was developed together with the St.Gallen-based company Trinox Engineering AG, is also automatically cleaned using clean-in-place technology for optimal food safety.

swisca is aiming for high quality machines and processes with a focus on food-safe and energy saving solutions, ulimately resulting in sutainable solutions.

The machines manufactured in Appenzell for leading food processing companies are exported to over 40 countries and are characterized by unique energy efficiency and food safety. Machines from swisca can save over 95% of energy costs.


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