ADM Says Its 22 U.S. Flour Mills Have Achieved Net Carbon Neutrality

Chicago, IL — Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) in late August announced that it has achieved net carbon neutral status for its U.S. flour milling operations, which include 22 facilities processing wheat, sorghum, and corn into flour.

According to Tedd Kruse, president-Milling and Baking Solutions, ADM achieved net carbon neutral status at its U.S. mills through a combination of energy efficiencies, purchases of renewable energy certificates, and sequestration of carbon dioxide at the company’s commercial carbon capture and storage facility in Decatur, IL.

The company says it is using carbon capture and storage technology to compensate for emissions generated at the company’s U.S. flour mills.

For example, ADM’s Decatur facility permanently sequesters carbon dioxide a mile underground, preventing it from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Through increased energy efficiency and reductions in energy use, ADM was able to achieve its 2020 environmental goals ahead of schedule.

The company says it plans for further improvements to contribute to ADM’s Strive 35 targets, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and energy intensity by 15% by 2035, against a 2019 baseline.

Climate-Focused Consumers

“Consumers increasingly expect their food to come from companies that share their values,” says Kruse. “ADM is proud of our position as a trusted and capable partner in delivering responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients that meet heightened consumer expectations.”

According to the 2020 Euromonitor International Lifestyle Survey, 68% of consumers are worried about climate change, 37% are cutting their personal carbon emissions, 22% are offsetting their carbon footprint, and 67% support carbon labeling.

“Transitioning to cleaner energy is a major focus for ADM, as we work toward our 2035 environmental goals and support the transition to a lower carbon economy,” says Chris Cuddy, senior vice president and president-Carbohydrate Solutions.

“By lowering the emissions of our operations,” he adds, “we are helping our customers advance their sustainability commitments as well.”

From Third Quarter 2021 Milling Journal