Star of the West Milling Joins Truterra Network

Frankenmuth, MI — Star of the West Milling Co., Frankenmuth, MI (989-652-9971), in late August announced that it has joined the Truterra™ network, a farmer-owned, farmer-driven food and ag sustainability program launched by Land O’Lakes in 2016.

According to Keith Martus, vice president of agronomy for Star of the West, being part of the Truterra network allows the 151-year-old milling company to offer its grower-customer base a suite of tools to help optimize sustainability and profitability.

“Through Truterra, growers are positioned to access opportunities to be rewarded for stewardship,” says Martus, “including carbon and emerging ecosystem services markets.”

Truterra Insights Engine. According to Laura Woodke, Star of the West sustainability director, growers working with Star of the West sustainability projects will have access to the Truterra Insights Engine.

The Truterra Insights Engine is a tool designed to allow growers to generate a stewardship baseline for every field and then predict and measure the impact of implementing specific conservation practices on both the environment and their profitability

From Third Quarter 2021 Milling Journal