IAOM Opens Virtual Library For Members

With funding from the International Milling Education Foundation (IMEF), the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) collection of Technical Bulletins has been scanned into a searchable database.

This means members can search for and read any article from bulletins, full of technical materials and discussions, dating back to 1923.

To access the database, please follow the instructions below.

Username is your complete email address, and Password is your Last Name (first letter is capitalized).

  • The first time you log in on a particular computer we recommend downloading and installing the ImageSilo Client from the website for optimal performance.
  • Click on the button that says bulletins in the Projects Box on the first page.
  • The first time we would recommend doing a blank search to see how the information is indexed. Just hit the Search button once you see the screen.
  • Pick an article to view by double clicking on the article.
  • The Help Button — (found in the top right corner) has lots of detailed information and instantly provides information for the screen you are in when you hit the Help button.

Viewing a document (after double clicking)

  1. The left side of your screen shows the Index Information, the middle section shows you the article and the right side shows you thumbnails of each page.
  2. On the top of middle section, you can see two tabs — one for the scanned image of the article and the other for the full text that the system pulled off each page as it was scanned.
  3. In the thumbnail portion you can click on a page to jump to the page.

Searching Pointers

  1. Use the asterisk as a wildcard for searching — for example in the date field enter *1985 to find all articles published in 1985.
  2. Full Text Search — towards the bottom of the search criteria you can enter words to find within the articles. These are older publications so not 100% of the words are there but it works well.
  3. The Quick search button on the top of the page lets you select Index Fields and Full Text for particular words.

Article Title: These represent the name of the articles as they were published.

Author: The name of the author if it was available from the publication.

Author’s Company: The name of the company the authored worked for if it was included in the publication.

Date: This is the Month, Year the article printed on each page. For example, January 1985.

Enter search criteria into one or more of the boxes and hit the Search Button.

Download the IAOM Virtual Library How to Guide at https://www.iaom.org/wp-content/uploads/IAOM-Virtual-Library-How-to-Guide.pdf

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