128th Annual Conference & Expo Call For Papers

The International Association of Operative Millers has started planning its 128th Annual Conference & Expo from April 16-18 in Salt Lake City, UT, and we need your knowledge and ideas to make it a success.

Our goal is to offer attendees the best knowledge and tools to do their jobs more effectively and to make their organizations more successful through a broad range of sessions.

Education/Technical Sessions

August 18 Submission Deadline

We are looking for approximately 24 professionals from the milling industry who will share their expertise to provide the best and most relevant ideas in the areas of technical operations, employee management, product protection, product quality and facility management.

IAOM’s annual conference is the premier education and networking event in the milling and grain processing industries.

You can APPLY ONLINE or download an application on the IAOM website.

Product Showcase

December 9 Submission Deadline

We are looking for approximately six (6) products that are either "new and innovative" or that have had "major improvements" or that have a "new application."

Companies submitting a Product Showcase application must be exhibiting in the 2024 Expo.

For more information and to submit your session ideas for these highly sought-after presentations, please APPLY ONLINE or download an application from the IAOM website.