King Milling Company, Lowell, MI, in April celebrated the opening of its new D-Mill, which increases the facility's capacity by nearly 50% to 800,000 pounds per day.

Company President Jim Doyle, speaking with Brownfield, says: “We were pretty concerned about that last fall when it was so wet and growers couldn’t get the wheat in, and a lot of it went in very late.”

“But then we had sort of an ideal circumstance over the winter and into spring here where I think the tillering has been pretty good,” he adds.

Doyle says the $47 million D-Mill project will benefit farmers across a wider footprint.

“If we can produce more flour and fulfill the need of more and more food processors, that’s going to come back to Michigan growers and they’ll get more demand for their wheat, and hopefully keep prices a little bit stronger for everybody in the marketplace.”

The company mills soft red, soft white, hard red winter, and hard red spring wheat in four automated plants, producing 2.5 million pounds of flour per day.