Plains Grains Inc. HRW Harvest Update for May 3, 2024.

Winter Wheat Headed by State

Texas: 64%

Oklahoma: 40%

Kansas: 9%

State Updates

MD – Flowering across state. FHB risk fairly low. Dry, moisture needed. Port of Baltimore opened 1-way channel. On pace to open fully operational 50 foot channel by May 30. Causing some nitrogen supply chain issues.

CA – Most of crop headed. Rain forecast. Interesting and variable weather.

OK – Rains in SW/Central/N. Central. Conditions declining 51% P-VP. 10 days early on harvest beginning. Hail damage in SW state.

TX – 64% headed. Variable weather across state. South TX harvesting, wet/humid, slow harvest. Moisture forecast. Good yields reported (60-80 bu/ac for irrigated). High TW – 63.5, 12.5% moisture. Moving north/central TX – some lodging (high winds/rain). Abeline/St. Angelo area drying down quick. Blacklands 3 weeks behind, 2+ inches of rain forecast. Panhandle hot/windy, some moisture forecast.

KS – SRW in SE/ KS underwater (5-10 inches). SW/S. Central KS in bad shape. Next 7 days critical. Windy/95 in South Central on Tuesday. Widespread freeze damage. Drought concerns for most of state. Possible wheat streak. Tale of two crops. 1/3 of crop in bad condition. Wheat heading ahead of schedule (est. 50-60%) vs. 6% 5 year avg.

SD - bump in spring planting progress, winter conditions improving. Widespread precip. past few days. Rain forecast next week. Fieldwork slowing down.

NE – Variable precip. across state. Some severe storms/hail/tornados. Haven’t heard of damage. Warm temps/sun needed.

WY – Crop looks great. ½ inch across state past week. Cool temps, 3% jointed. Wind/cool weather (20s) forecast.

MN – Slow/steady rains (2 inches). 48% planted. Acreage up.

ND – 20% spring, 8% durum planted. Ahead of schedule. Variable across state. Rains (1-1/5 inches), Western ND, much smaller amounts. Cooler temps, slow progress. Eastern ND delays in fieldwork. Durum seed sales heavier than expected and increase in spring wheat sales.

ID – Cool temps. Rain/snow in South ID. Northern ID moisture slightly behind. NASS crop ratings improving, strong subsoil/topsoil. Spring 75% planted, 25% emerged.

MT – Rain/snow. Good chances of precip. Winter wheat split fair and good. Spring/durum 1/3 planted (ahead of average).

WA – Cool weather/intermittent rain. Short on moisture (not reflected in NASS). Statewide drought declaration (low reservoirs/short snowpack). Winter 52% G. Some stripe rust/weed pressure. Slightly ahead for spring planting.

OR – Looks good so far. Good stand. May/June critical point. Cooler weather past few weeks, some weed pressure and stripe rust (susceptible cultivars).