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2023 Media Kits/Pricing (All Publications)

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Grain Journal… Bi-monthly magazine for grain/feed industry

Milling Journal… Quarterly magazine for milling industry

Seed Today … Quarterly magazine for seed production industry

Equipment Catalog… Annual grain/feed/milling seed equipment/services catalog

Processing Journal... Quarterly Magazine for the oilseed crush and Biofuels Producers

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Mark Avery, President • • ext. 204

David Beckler, Sales Rep • • 469-766-8842

Jeff Miller, Sales Rep • • ext. 211

Ed Zdrojewski, Editor of Grain Journal • • ext. 208
Chris Lusvardi, Editor of Seed Today • • ext. 210
Tucker Scharfenberg, Managing Editor and Editor of Oil Mill Gazetteer • • 217-853-2613

Rebecca Jackson, Art Director • • ext. 207
Leslie Casner, Graphic Artist • • ext. 201

Angie Cardinal, Accounting • • ext. 206