The winning team of the "Best of Show Award". Back: Michael Tremp, Stefan Schmitz, Juan Martinez; Front: Andreas Kleiner and Ruedi Weiss
The winning team of the "Best of Show Award". Back: Michael Tremp, Stefan Schmitz, Juan Martinez; Front: Andreas Kleiner and Ruedi Weiss

Appenzell, Switzerland / Salt Lake City,UT - SWISCA AG has proven for the second time since 2021 that innovation and high quality in milling technology are still at home in Switzerland.

Millers and industry experts were particularly impressed by its innovative features in the areas of feeding, gap adjustment and usability.

The International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) is one of the most prominent and influential associations in the milling industry, functioning as a pivotal hub for professionals and businesses engaged in milling operations.

A highlight of its activities is the North American trade fair, a premier event that spotlights emerging technologies and innovations shaping the industry.

This makes the award all the more significant.

"This award confirms our commitment to development and quality," says Heinz Brand, founder and CEO of SWISCA, which has made it its mission to bring next generation milling technology to the market. The second award underlines that this is more than just a vision. "

"The company's strong roots in Switzerland are one of the pillars of its success. "Highly qualified engineers and cooperation with state institutions create an environment for excellent research," emphasizes Brand.

The Heart of the Mill

This has paid off once again. If you think of a mill as an organism, the roller mill is the heart of the operation. This is where the grain is broken up and ground.

With ROMIL, Swisca AG is setting new standards in this key area: Its servo-controlled gap adjustment, coupled with an electronic handwheel, empowers millers to finely tune milling parameters.

The unique feeding unit with distribution screws ensures consistent product feed and a steady mass flow.

All these innovations enhance milling processes, ultimately maximizing product quality and yield.

Furthermore, ROMIL's robust design and stainless-steel construction guarantee longevity and exceptional hygiene standards, addressing critical considerations for millers around the globe.

Key features of ROMIL:

- Technology: Precise feeding through distribution screws, servo-motorized gap control

- Operation: Simple via touchscreen and innovative handwheel

- Safety and hygiene: Stainless materials, easy-to-clean design

- Sustainability: Energy-efficient, robust design for a long service life

SWISCA AG was founded in 2018 as a start-up company in Appenzell.

Precision, sustainability, innovation, efficiency, reliability, and safety - the company is committed to these values.

"We are driving forward socially relevant topics such as the energy-efficient processing of grain grown with low pesticide use," says Heinz Brand.

And ROMIL is not the end of this endeavor.

The next innovations are already in the pipeline.

To continue to be "ahead of the game".